This command allows you to load custom pwncat modules from a python package. The only parameter is the local path to a directory containing python packages to load as modules.

pwncat will load all modules under that package and search for classes named Module implementing the BaseModule base class. These modules will be named based on the python package name relative to the specified directory. For example, if you had a directory called .pwncat-modules with this structure:

- .pwncat-modules/
    - enumerate/
        - __init__.py
        - custom.py
    - __init__.py

And a class named Module defined in `custom.py then a new pwncat module would be available under the name enumerate.custom.

This command can be used in your configuration script to automatically load custom modules at runtime.

# Load modules from /home/user/.pwncat-modules
(local) pwncat$ load /home/user/.pwncat-modules
(local) pwncat$ run enumerate.custom